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Fingerpick and Slide Your Way Into Authentic Resonator Tone

The Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck resonator guitar was designed to put a classic sound in your hands at a reasonable price. The sound of the Dobro is immediately recognized worldwide, evoking the spirit of American country, blues, and bluegrass music. So if you're looking to brush up on your Grand Ole Opry tunes, learn some old school blues chops, or are a contemporary musician looking for something altogether new -- then the Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck is a great way to start acquainting yourself with the sound and feel of an authentic resonator guitar.

True to the Original

The Dobro owes its unique sound to the inverted single-cone resonator/spider bridge design that was first pioneered in the 1920s by Slovak-American instrument designer John Dopyera. The distinctive twangy sound emanates from sound holes in the nickel-plated metal fan screen. The other essential ingredient in the Hound Dog Deluxe comes from its maple plywood body, reproduced faithfully here and staying true to the design of the original 1920s instruments. Epiphone has gone above and beyond with this instrument, adding a gorgeous, highly figured top that will make any player proud to play it under the stage lights. The original Dobro was sometimes referred to as "the hobo's guitar." It's pretty unlikely that anyone will refer to your gorgeous Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck like that.

True To Form and Size

The 25-inch scale mahogany neck is set with a pearl dot inlaid rosewood fingerboard that looks and feels great under your fingers. The strings run over the spider bridge, with an ebony saddle set on top of a maple base. The Tusq nut measures 1.75-inches. The strings lock in place with high-quality Grover tuners, ensuring that this Dobro will stay in tune for even the most furious fingerpicker. The full, warm tone of the Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck is enhanced and projected through a distinctive nickel cone and fan cover plate, with round, screened sound holes and traditionally shaped f-holes.

True To Form and Size

The Hound Dog Deluxe Roundneck is great when you're sitting on your porch or around the campfire with friends -- but it really begs to be plugged in. It's got a custom-designed Fishman resonator pickup onboard ensuring a great sound when you want to run it into an amp or DI. The pickups were specifically designed to provide a smooth tonal response that reinforces your true acoustic tone.

New Possiblities from an Old Classic

Owing to its humble roots, the Dobro was once defined as instrument exclusively for folk and blues musicians. Today though, contemporary players like Jerry Douglas and Mike Auldridge have found new and exiting possibilities for its unique sound. The Epiphone Dobro Hound Dog Deluxe is ready to play the classics -- but it's likely you'll find something new and beautiful in this classic instrument.

  • 25-inch scale mahogany neck
  • Custom-designed Fishman resonator pickup
  • 19 frets
  • Pearl Dot inlay in 12-inch radius fingerboard
  • Nickel-plated fan cover piece
  • Spider bridge with ebony-capped maple base
  • Nickel-plated tailpiece
  • 3.5 inches deep
  • Peghead Dobro decal inlay
  • Tusq Nut
  • Neck jointed at the 12th Fret
  • Grover tuning keys
  • Single Action truss rod

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