Gibson 1956 LP Goldtop Vos Ag Electric Guitar Custom Shop

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Gibson 1956 LP Goldtop Vos Ag Electric Guitar Custom Shop

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The Gibson 1956 Les Paul Goldtop Standard Vintage Original Spec model is the next step in Gibson’s journey toward perfection.
Ted McCarty’s Tune-o-Matic bridge (also knows as the ABR-1) started to appear on higher end Gibson guitars as early as 1954. The ABR-1 was added to the Les Paul Model in 1956 and, with individual saddles to adjust each string’s length as well as thumbwheels to adjust the overall height of the bridge, represented a quantum leap forward in intonation and a marked improvement in tone and sustain.

All VOS model Gibsons are given an aged appearance by enduring unique staining, wet-sanding, and hand-rubbing processes. The result of these methods creates a visually stunning reflection of a well-cared for 40-year-old Gibson.

Gibson Custom 1956 Les Paul Goldtop VOS Features

  • 1-piece, solid mahogany backs. Not book-matched or weight-relieved
  • Historically accurate neck tenon for superior sustain - you can see it extending under the neck pick-up
  • Bumblebee capacitors (where applicable), and correct routing
  • Historically accurate reproductions of original PAF humbuckers
  • Tortoise dot markers on the side of the neck
  • ABR-1 bridge and lightweight aluminum stopbar tailpiece
  • Holly headstock veneer
  • Period-correct stain and filler
  • 100% nitro-cellulose lacquer finishes - no added plasticizers
Custom Shop VOS Guitars
Gibson has been producing solid body electric guitars for 55 years. Of course, the most famous of these guitars is the legendary Les Paul. In 2006 the Gibson Custom Shop released its Vintage Original Spec (VOS) series in honor of the instruments that have literally shaped the face of music today. The series consists of a 1956 Les Paul Gold Top; a ’57 Les Paul Junior Singlecut; a ’57 Gold Top in plain and darkback; ’57 Customs in 2 and 3 pickup versions; ’58 Junior Double Cut; ’58 Plain Top; ’59 Les Paul Sunburst reissue; ’60 Les Paul Reissue; ’60 Les Paul Specials in Single and Double Cut; an SG Standard Reissue; and an SG Custom 3 pickup Reissue.

The production of these instruments is the culmination of 20 years of experience producing handmade Gibson Custom guitars. We primarily took on the challenge of re-creating the 3 most vital aspects of these legendary instruments: Look, Playability, and most of all Tone.

In order to accurately reproduce the appearance of vintage Gibsons, the Custom Shop uses a combination of faithful adherence to our history and proprietary new processes and inventions. The hardware is left to soak in a special solution that transforms a brand new pick-up cover into a gently used historic jewel. The plastic and binding are painstakingly hand aged to provide that warm yellowed look that takes decades to occur in nature. Vintage accurate wood fillers, anodized dies and a 100% nitro-cellulose lacquer finishes are all expertly applied to create exacting reproductions of Gibson’s Gold Tops, Cherry’s, TV’s and, of course, famous Sunbursts. However, at a special point during the final buffing process, VOS guitars are treated to an application of Gibson’s secret and proprietary Magic Tone Oil. This oil is left to cure for a few days, and the result is that unmistakable lightly worn but still gorgeous appearance of a well cared for 50 year old guitar.

Technical specifications:

    Gibson 1956 Les Paul Goldtop Vintage Original Spec Specifications

      Body and Hardware
    • Carved maple top
    • Solid, non-weight relieved mahogany back
    • Single-ply cream binding on top
    • Thin toggleswitch washer and jackplate
    • Antique Gold finish
    • Nickel hardware
    • ABR-1 bridge, lightweight aluminum stopbar tailpiece

      Neck and Headstock

    • 1-piece mahogany neck with long neck tenon
    • 22-fret rosewood fingerboard
    • Acrylic trapezoid inlays (accurate shape and color)
    • Single-ply cream binding
    • Early 50s rounded neck profile
    • 24.75-inch scale length
    • 1-11/16-inch nut width
    • Holly headstock veneer
    • Vintage tulip tuners

      Electronics and Strings

    • P90 single coil pickups pickups
    • CTS pots and bumble bee capacitors
    • 2 volume controls
    • 2 tone controls
    • 3-way pickup selector switch
    • Vintage Reissue .010 strings

      All specs are subject to change without notice.
      Actual color may vary slightly
      Includes Custom Shop case and certification of authenticity.


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