Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio An Acoustic Guitar

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Gibson Songwriter Deluxe Studio An Acoustic Guitar

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Songwriter Deluxe Studio
At the heart of Gibsons square-shoulder dreadnought line of acoustic guitars is the Songwriter series, and the Songwriter Deluxe Studio is its most fundamental offering. First introduced in 2003, the Songwriter Deluxe Studio combines Gibsons time-honored bracing patterns of the 1930s with our original dreadnought shape, and it has gained worldwide acclaim over the past decade.

Gold Grover Rotomatic Tuners
Grovers original Rotomatic tuners are an engineering marvel, with abundant style and performance exactly suited for the Songwriter Deluxe Studio. With a gear ratio of 14:1, the Rotomatics deliver precision tuning in a durable housing that provides maximum protection for the gear and string post. All moving parts are cut for exact meshing, eliminating the possibility of slippage. A countersunk tension screw lets players regulate the tuning tension to any degree. A special lubricant inside the gear box provides smooth and accurate tuning stability.

Crown Peghead Logo
Gibson put the first crown peghead logo on an ES-300 back in 1940, and it has graced the headstocks of many legendary Gibson guitars ever since, including todays Songwriter Deluxe Studio.

The pickguard on the Songwriter Deluxe Studio is a custom line design made in our traditional tortoise shell pattern material.

A rosette is the beautiful, hand-crafted circle around the soundhole and can be one of the most beautiful elements of any acoustic guitar. It is also one of the most subtle and complicated woodworking ornamentations. The rosette on the Songwriter Deluxe Studio is one of Gibsons finest. It is a double-ring rosette with an abalone-filled middle, with both outer rings consisting of six-ply binding, which ads a stylish, understated elegance to the Songwriter line.

Rosewood Fingerboard with Rolled Edges and Split Parallelogram Inlays
The fingerboard of Gibsons Songwriter Deluxe Studio is constructed from rosewood. The resilience of this durable wood makes the fingerboard extremely balanced and stable, giving each single note and chord unparalleled bite and clarity. The Songwriter Deluxe Studios split parallelogram inlays are made of genuine mother-of-pearl and are placed into the fingerboard using a process that eliminates gaps and doesnt require the use of fillers. The fingerboard also features a beveled edge for an extremely smooth and comfortable feel, enhancing the playability of the Songwriter Deluxe Studio.

Body Tonewoods
The body design of the Songwriter Deluxe Studio is known as a small dreadnought. The top is made from Sitka spruce, while the back and sides are constructed from rosewood, giving it a balanced, warm tone with clear lows and solid treble registers. Selecting the right wood, and the formula to acclimate it properly, are two of the most central procedures to Gibsons guitar-building process. Beginning with its first catalog in 1903, Gibson has assured its customers that every guitar would be built using woods with the most durable, elastic, and sonorous qualities, and todays guitars from Gibson Acoustic are no different.

L.R. Baggs Element Active Acoustic Pickup System
The Songwriter Deluxe Studio from Gibson Acoustic comes equipped with the popular Element Active Acoustic Pickup System from L.R. Baggs, which features a low-profile undersaddle elementor transducerthats proven more stable and durable than many standard ribbon-type pickups. Combined with an onboard preamp with an unobtrusive and removable volume control mounted just inside the soundhole, the Element delivers performance not previously attainable from an undersaddle pickup. Its sleek and effective design removes unnecessary internal components, which enhances the coupling between pickup and guitar and improves the sensitivity of the transducer. The result is a robust, lively and natural acoustic sound with excellent dynamics and a delicate high end. The Element works with a standard 9V battery, which is housed inside the guitar in L.R. Baggss new Battery Bagg.

Every acoustic guitar made by Gibson features scalloped, radiused top-bracing inside the body. By scalloping each brace, the natural sound of the acoustic is focused more toward the center of the body, enhancing the instruments sound projection. The bracing pattern inside the Songwriter Deluxe Studio is based on the design used for Gibsons celebrated Advanced Jumbo models of the 1930s. The bracing pattern consists of a wider X pattern that allows the top to vibrate more freely and push the sound toward the soundhole. The result is an instrument that delivers incredible response and a superior dynamic range with balanced, warm tones, clear lows and solid treble registers.

Body Style: Square Shoulder
Top Species: Sitka spruce
Back and Sides: Rosewood
Marquetry: Checkerboard
Binding: Multi-ply Top, Single Ply Back
Bracing: Advanced X-Bracing
Rosette: Double Ring w/Abalone

Bridge: Custom Line
Bridge Pins: White
Tuners: Gold Grover Rotomatics
Pickguard: Tortoise Custom Line

Pickups: L.R. Baggs Element

Species: Mahogany
Profile: Comfort Contour Neck
Scale: 25 1/2"
Angle: 3 Degrees
Peghead Angle: 17 Degrees
Peghead Inlay: Mother-of-pearl Logo and Crown
Nut: Bone
Nut Width: 1.725"
Joint: 14th Fret

Species: Ebony
Binding: Single Ply
Inlays: MOP Paralellegrams
Number of Frets: 20

Case Exterior: Black Custom w/ Logo
Case Interior: Blue


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