Gibson Super 400 circa 1971 - Cherry Sunburst

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Gibson Super 400 circa 1971 - Cherry Sunburst

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Gibson Super 400

Circa 1971 Cherry Sunburst

"The largest, fanciest-adorned, and highest-priced factory built archtop / hollowbody guitar ever"

The Gibson Super 400 is argued as one of the finest guitars ever made. It had a huge impact on the way guitars were designed and built, and finds itself at home in the hands of some the greatest guitarists this world has ever seen.

This particular Super 400 has a BEAUTIFUL cherry sunburst finish. It has been owned by a collector of fine and collectable guitars here in Adelaide. His passion for maintaining his guitars reallys shows with the condition of this 45 year old guitar.

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<h3>Gibson Guitars at Derringers Music.</h3> <p>Gibson guitars are world renowned for their warm, fat, full and rich tone. They feel great to the hands and sound awesome to the ears. They even look great on the eyes! Derringers Music are known for holding a huge range of guitars and Gibson guitars are big part of that with one of the most comprehensive collections in South Australia. <br /><br /> Gibson have been around since 1902 and have changed and reinvented the guitar time and time again, never missing a beat and always innovating! From the first archtop guitars in 1930 to the latest Robot automatic tuning Les Pauls Gibson have always been the fore runners. We have a huge collection of Gibson guitars here at Derringers Music and take pride in our vintage guitars as much as our newer modern range. Whether its an SG, Les Paul, Explorer, Melody Maker, Flying V, Thunderbird, Firebird, Night Hawk, Blues Hawk, ES 339, ES 345, Super 400, ES 355… the list goes on, and we’ve got em! <br /><br /> What’s more? We love talking about Gibson guitars. We’re all musicians here at Derringers and are extremely passionate about gear. So swing by and have a chat to us. We love to talk gear and help you find the guitar that’s right for you!</p> <h4>SMS 0418-836-504 For deals on Fender guitars and Fender Amplifiers, done fast! <br /> Or call 08 8371-1884 and speak to our guitar loving team!</h4>


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