Hammond SK1-73 Organ

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Hammond SK1-73 Organ

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Hammond SK1-73 Organ

<p>The 61-note keyboard became the de facto standard for electric  keyboards through its use on the first widely available electric  keyboard instrument, the HAMMOND ORGAN, but the demands on today&rsquo;s  players require a greater scope. A keyboardist today may jump from B-3  to Electric Piano to Clav in the same song, and if based in the Piano  tradition, may find a 61 note keyboard limiting. The Sk1-73&rsquo;s 73 note  Fatar keyboard provides the proper &ldquo;breathing room&rdquo; for a modern  keyboardist, while retaining the superior feel, light weight and small  footprint of the 61-note model. It is also the perfect ax for  singer-songwriters and accompanists of all genres, due to its ability in  shifting the keyboard response automatically between piano and  organ-type &ldquo;feels&rdquo;.</p>

<p>Hammond Sk-1?! This thing is a BEAST… It&rsquo;s classic  drawbar tones combined with Hammond&rsquo;s new digital Leslie sim are the  most authentic I have ever heard . It even sounds great in mono! From  screaming Deep Purple to that flute-y Wallflowers thing – This is my go  to for every gig I do. Add on top of that an arsenal of great sounding  vintage keyboards and the ability to split them across the keyboard and  you have yourself a &lsquo;One stop shop for rock&rsquo;. .. Oh yeah, did I mention  it&rsquo;s only 15 lbs?&rdquo;</p>
<p><em> – Christian Matthew Cullen </em></p>


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