Hammond XM-2 Module

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Hammond XM-2 Module

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Hammond XM-2 Module - Description

Hammond XM-2 Module

This exciting new Pro drawbar module is powered by the most advanced VASE3 Digital tone wheel generator.
The XM-2 utilizes many of outstanding sounds and features found in our famous XK-3 keyboard.
The XM-2 module and the XMc-2 controller with real Drawbars give the incomparable sound of the legendary Hammond B-3 to your MIDI-keyboard.

Hammond's new drawbar module consists out of 2 separate components...

First there is the XM-2 which is the sound-generator that can reproduce all the unique Hammond organ-sounds using 'Digital Tone-wheels' powered by a double VASEIII-engine. This unit can operate on its own as a module in a studio-environment...

To truly achieve full flexibility and create live new drawbar-settings on the fly, you should add the XMc-2. This unit operates as a (remote) controller but cannot create sound on its own. Its purpose is to command the XM-2 module in a very fast and user-friendly way.



  • OUND GENERATOR 2 x Vase III as Digital Tone-wheel
  • HARMONIC DRAWBARS Pitches: 9 Pitches (Upper & Lower), 2 Pitches (Pedal)
  • Wavefrom: B-type/Mellow/Brite(Upper and Lower)/Muted/Normal/Synth1/Synth2(Pedal)
  • PERCUSSION Harmonics: Second, Third, Fast Decay, Soft
  • Adjustable: Touch, Velocity, Decay (Fast, Slow), Level (Soft, Normal)
  • TUNING Master: 430 ~450 (1Hz Steps)
  • Transpose: -6 ~ 0 ~ +6 semitones
  • EFFECTS Internal Leslie: On, Fast, Brake, Digital 2 Rotors, Leslie-presets:122,147,710,760,825(adjustable)
  • Vibrato and Chorus: V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3, Upper&Lower, On/off, Speed:5(6,10Hz~7,25Hz)
  • Overdrive: Digital Overdrive
  • Equalizer: 3 Bands
  • Reverb: 10 Programs
  • Sustain: 5 Lengths (Pedal)
  • KEYMAP Functions: Split, Manual Bass
  • Adjustable: Split Point, Lower Octave, Pedal Top Key
  • PATCHES 128 Patches
  • DISPLAY 20 characters, 2 lines with 8 control switches and rotary encoder
  • STORAGE None
  • MIDI Templates: 4
  • CONNECTIONS DC-Input(9v), MIDI In1, In2, Out
  • Expression Pedal (Phone jack)
  • Foot switch, Line out L/Mono,R
  • Headphones, 8-pin Leslie
  • ACCESSORY AC-Adaptor
  • DIMENSIONS 396mm(W) x 172mm(D) x 50mm(H)
  • WEIGHT 3,5kg

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