Joe Meek preQ500 500 Series Preamp

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Joe Meek preQ500 500 Series Preamp

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A world-class preamp with additional features in one high-quality 500-Series module.

The JOEMEEK PreQ gives you just the right tools for the job, just to get those pesky little sound tweaks taken care of at the recording stage. Push a button and turn a knob...that's all you need to do. Think of all the time and pain you save from patching to outside processors to record or opening up more plugins at mixing time.

De-"Esssss" with a touch
A highly-efficient De-essor stands ready-and-waiting for you, so with one button you can remove those overbearing S's and T's from your microphone's signal. One simple rotary control adjusts how much to remove, the red LED tells you when it kicks in, and a "Hi" button makes it more sensitive to even higher frequencies. Now you can raise your level and a stronger track without worrying about it peaking into overload from some extraneous sibilance.

Variable High-Pass Filter
Another easy, but effective button-and-knob team allows you to filter out mic handling noise, low frequency sounds coming through the mic stand or general rumble. Even some of the best studios can't escape a faint sound from a truck or two passing on a busy city street or the dryers from the laundromat next door. Turn it on, ajdust and you're done. No need to hook up the EQ or multi-band compressor just for that.

Direct Instrument Input
JOEMEEK has always been known for great instrument pres and this is no exception, so just plug the guitar in or send it through your favorite effects first. The mic input in the back will automatically switch off and you can record your guitar tracks without switching channels on your mixer.

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