Korg Kronos 2 88 Workstation Synthesizer 88 Key

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Korg Kronos 2 88 Workstation Synthesizer 88 Key

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Korg Kronos X 88 Workstation Synthesizer 88 Key

Expand your imagination

Download KRS-06 for the new and improved Kronos CX-3 engine today!

The KRS-06 library takes advantage of Kronos’ improved CX-3 organ modeling engine* with sounds created by an impressive international roster of world class players including Keith Emerson, Neal Evans and Larry Goldings – just to name a few! KRS-06 also includes a bonus bank of new organ sounds from Korg’s own legendary voicing team. Hear from the artists who helped to bring KRS-06 to life in our interview video. And don’t forget to visit our Sound Library Shop to add even more sonic power to your Kronos!

*Requires O.S. 2.1 - also available for free download!

The Kronos music workstation was unveiled in 2011 to widespread critical acclaim, winning one award after another. Impressed players, composers and sound designers alike kept asking, "How can they possibly improve on this?!" In the year since its inception, we've done just that. With newly released system updates and an inspiring and growing array of Kronos Sound Libraries, we've brought Kronos to an even higher level of performance.

The Kronos continues its evolution with the new Kronos X Music Workstation. With a boost to the internal memory and SSD size, the Kronos X is the ultimate workstation. Fittingly, its new name adds an "X" to indicate its expanded and truly limitless potential.

Kronos X Highlights

  • Peerless synthesizer containing nine sound engines, such as realistic piano, richly expressive electric piano, tonewheel organ, digital synthesis, and powerful analog/physical modeling.

  • Approximately 2GB of available PCM RAM allows more sample data to be loaded at once. 

  • Doubled SSD capacity of 62 GB allows support for gigantic sound library expansions, such as the Kronos Sound Libraries and the KARO Sound Libraries.

  • User Sample Bank feature allows users to create extremely large sample libraries that take advantage of the generous PCM RAM and SSD capacity.

  • Numerous artist signature sounds created by top musicians are included, letting you make the sounds of classic songs your very own.

  • 16-part Combis allow all engines to function together in perfect harmony; 
    Dynamic Voice Allocation keeps the polyphony high.

  • Use up to 16 premium-quality effects at once; individual effects rival dedicated units
    • 12 Insert effects
    • 2 Master effects
    • 2 Total effects

  • On-board sequencer offers 16 MIDI tracks + 16 audio tracks (24-bit, 48kHz recording quality)

  • Open Sampling System – Instant sampling and resampling from any mode: 
    Program, Combination or Sequencer.

  • Sophisticated KARMA® technology generates infinitely variable performance-driven phrases, musical effects, and backing tracks to catalyze your creativity

  • Expanded Drum Track for play-along grooves and inspiration

  • Set List mode: Organize the Programs, Combis, and Songs you need to perform your set in a single, easy-to-select screen – including performance notes!

  • Smooth Sound Transition: This often-requested feature allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes.

  • Direct support for playing drums and chords from Korg pad-equipped USB controllers, including the nanoPAD, nanoPAD2, padKONTROL; general support for all class-compliant USB controllers, including the Korg nano series and microKEY series

  • Support for the Kronos Editor and Plug-in Editor software

  • USB Ethernet adapter compatibility enables high-speed data communication between the Kronos X and your computer.

  • Available with 61, 73 or 88 keys
    73 and 88 key models feature Korg’s finest RH3 Graded Hammer Action.

  • Comprehensive interface, based around a large 8” TFT TouchView™ display

<p>Derringers Music in Adelaide is South Australia’s best place to shop for all your Korg keyboards, synths, music instruments accessories and other creation tools.</p> <p class="p1"><span class="s1">Korg manufactures electronic musical instruments, audio processors and guitar pedals, recording equipment, and electronic tuners. </span></p> <p class="p1"><span class="s1">Founded in 1962 the company's first product was an electro-mechanical rhythm device the, Donca matic DA-20 mad 18 months later Korg released a programmable organ. The name KORG, created by using the first letter of each founder's name plus "RG" from their planned emphasis on products targeted for the organ market emphasizing the letters R and G in the word organ.</span></p> <p class="p1"><span class="s1">Since those early days Korg has since diversified into digital effects, tuners, recording equipment, electronic hand percussion, and software instruments. Korg is credited with a number of innovations and landmark products through their strong understanding on providing quality professional musical products. </span></p>


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