Mapex Falcon Series PF1000 Single Kick Pedal

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Mapex Falcon Series PF1000 Single Kick Pedal

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Mapex Falcon Series PF1000 Single Kick Pedal - Description

Mapex Falcon Series PF1000 Single Kick Pedal


The Falcon design was influenced and road tested by a team of artists who want an incredibly smooth feel and simple adjustability. The settings are dialed-in at the factory, so it feels good right out of the bag with only minor adjustments needed to fit individual tastes. That means more time playing and less time adjusting.


  • The interchangeable drives allow players to purchase only one pedal, but still have the freedom to experiment with the differences between chain, strap, and direct drive feels. It also enables double-pedal players to use different drives for each pedal to balance the feel between the left and right feet.
  • The interchangeable beater weights, variable footboard height, and adjustable beater angle allow for simple and fine adjustment of torque and power.
  • The smaller size of the base-plate makes it easy to position a double-pedal around snare stand legs and closer to the hi-hat pedal.


  • Self-Adjusting Hoop Clamp
  • Interchangeable Beater Weights
  • Interchangeable Drives
  • Footboard Height Adjustment
  • Reduced Base Plate Size
  • Beater Angle Adjustment

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Mapex Drums is a Taiwanese drum brand manufactured by KHS Musical Instruments Company of Taiwan. Mapex brands include Voyager and Horizon series, Meridian Birch and Meridian Maple, and Saturn and Orion. Derringers Music offers a great range of Mapex products both online and instore.


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