Marshall DSL100H 100w Valve Head

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Marshall DSL100H 100w Valve Head

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Marshall DSL100H 100w Valve Head

Marshall DSL100 100w Valve Head JCM2000


Countless hours of R & D and of course listening went into the creation of the 50watt DSL50 head. As DSL is an acronym for 'Dual Super Lead', it should come as no surprise that this amp has two footswitchable channels - Classic and Ultra. Furthermore, each of these channels boasts two modes; the classic channel offers a clean/crunch option while the ultra offers Lead 1 or Lead 2. Instead of merely offering a variation in gain level to the two channels, each one of these four modes has been individually voiced as an amp in it's own right. The tremendous tonal versatility of this amp, coupled with a 100% pure valve signal path, dual reverb controls, a tone shift switch which 'scoops out' the mids and a Deep switch that adds a tight, low end boost, caused the guitar world to sit up and take notice right from the outset. As soon as you play one, you'll hear and feel why so many of the world's foremost players and journalists were quick to dub the DSL heads as "The best Marshalls ever"

  • 100W 'Dual Super Lead'
  • Standby Switch
  • Deep Switch
  • Presence Control
  • Treble Control
  • Middle Control
  • Bass Control
  • Tone Shift
  • Reverb
  • Ultra Gain / Channel B
  • Classic Gain / Channel A
  • Footswitch supplied
  • Effects Loop
  • Loudspeaker Outputs
  • Loading Points

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