Moog Minitaur monophonic MIDI and CV controllable analog bass synthesizer

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Moog Minitaur monophonic MIDI and CV controllable analog bass synthesizer

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Moog Minitaur monophonic MIDI and CV controllable analog bass synthesizer


The MINTAUR is a compact table-top monophonic MIDI and CV controllable analog bass synthesizer based on the design of the Taurus 3.

The Moog Minitaur analog synth module is the ultimate bass module for any analog synth nut! The Minitaur is a freakishly powerful yet compact tabletop analog bass synthesizer module based on Moog's widely popular Taurus 3. It gives you the full convenience of both MIDI and CV control, yet its monophonic audio signal path is 100 percent analog. If you love to tweak your sounds, then you're going to feel right at home with the Minitaur. It gives you complete hands-on control over every aspect of your sound. There are no screens to squint at or menus to lumber through - just a knob-and-button playground that's totally intuitive. Between its oscillators, envelopes, and other analog goodies, the Minitaur provides you with the whole range of Taurus bass tones. And thanks to its compact design, the Minitaur is the perfect edition to your studio or live keyboard rig. Whether you perform live electronic music or create new soundscapes in your studio, you'll love creating sounds with the Moog Minitaur analog synth module!

The front panel features a knob-per-function design, for maximum real-time tweakability. There are no internally stored presets, but presets can be created and managed via MIDI. The MINITAUR has several new features added to the classic Taurus synth engine, including an external audio input, that expands the basic synthesis and sound design capability of the instrument.  And at only 8.5"(21.6cm) x 5.25"(13.3cm) and less than 3 pounds (1.36Kg), MINITAUR fits right into the today's computer based music production rig.


  •     100% analog audio signal path based on Taurus I and Taurus III synthesizers.
  •     2 Taurus VCOs with variable Glide amount
  •     Sawtooth (original Taurus) or Square waveform selection for both VCOs
  •     External Audio Input
  •     Headphone out
  •     2 Mixer VCAs for setting the level of the VCOs
  •     1 VCF Moog/Taurus-style Ladder Filter w/ VC Resonance
  •     1 VCA
  •     Two Minimoog-style ADSR Envelope generators with the Decay and Release segments controlled by the Decay knob plus a Release On/Off switch
  •     1 MIDI-syncable triangle wave LFO for modulating VCF/VCOs
  •     DIN MIDI In and MIDI over USB out


Moog Minitaur

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