Vestax PMC-007 DJ Battle 2 Channel Mixer *One Only clearance Price*

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Vestax PMC-007 DJ Battle 2 Channel Mixer *One Only clearance Price*

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Vestax PMC-007 DJ Battle 2 Channel Mixer *One Only clearance Price* - Description

Vestax PMC-007 DJ Battle 2 Channel Mixer *One Only clearance Price*

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Vestax PMC-007 DJ Battle 2 Channel Mixer *One Only clearance Price*

The latest edition to the Vestax battle mixer family, the PMC-007, draws on the strengths of the PMC-05ProII and the PMC-07Pro and incorporates a number of new features such as Scratch EQ, ReX Faders, and Rehearsal Mute/Freeze. A serious battle worthy 2-channel mixer, the PMC-007 is perfect for serious scratch DJs wanting great sound quality, control and flexiblility.


 *RAPID EXCHANGE FADER : Time for replacing the fader has been a longtime hassle, but now has been cut to a minimum. It's as easy as just pinching each side of the fader panel, disconnecting and replacing it with a new one. No more worrying about losing screws or forgetting your screw driver!

 *BALANCED XLR OUTPUT : Ever have the problems from feed back or electrical distortion from lights and other equipment in the club? A balanced transmission is extremely important and effective in certain situations, that is why the PMC-007 has applied balanced XLR output, much superior to the usual RCA pins or PHONE jacks.

 *BONNET STYLE FACE PLATE : By loosening the screw underneath the body and pulling forward the face plate pops up just like a car hood (bonnet). Also, the design is centered to give a soft and warm 3 dimensional feel and esthetic giving comfort and concentration to the user.


 *CROSS FADER REHEARSAL MUTE/FREEZER : Ever have times when you couldn't scratch on the master fader without the sound blasting out through the master? Now you can with the 007. Introducing a button function where the master output freezes and what ever is done on the master fader only comes out only to be heard on the headphone monitors.
 *EFFECT SEND/RECEIVE : On/Off switching can be done instantly on both channels and can also control levels with the mini fader allowing the monitoring to system to be highly advanced. The mini fader can also be used to control master and receiving volume balance by switching the mini switch underneath the face plate.

 *3 BAND ISOLATER/SCRATCH EQ : A Vestax infinity cut and +4dB boost is equipped on each 3 band isolater PGM. To balance an optimal scratch, the new EQ buttons are supplied to instantly set the isolater EQ on the specific channel. If you're a serious scratch DJ, this feature is a must.




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