Yamaha 01v96i Digital Mixer

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Yamaha 01v96i Digital Mixer

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Yamaha 01V96I Digital Mixer


Sometimes everything just comes together—and when it does, the new 01V96i is there to capture that perfect moment for you in stunning 96kHz sound. Since its initial release in 1998, the 01V has been the mixer of choice for a wide variety of applications, ranging from recording and production environments to live sound and installation setups. The 01V96i represents the next step in the evolution of an industry standard, building on the proven configuration of its predecessors to create a compact digital mixer that meets the needs of an expanding user base. Now, with 16 in/16 out USB 2.0 audio streaming at an impressive 96kHz, the latest version of Steinberg's Cubase AI, the full suite of Yamaha's acclaimed Virtual Circuitry Modeling DSP effects and newly improved studio-quality head amps, the next generation 01V96i will take every aspect of your mixing and recording to the next level.

Please note: Can take a few months to order in. For a fast digital desk try the new Yamaha TF Range.

Mixing capabilityMixing channels 32 Mono + 4 Stereo
MAIN Stereo
Input channel functions Gate, Attenuator, 4-band PEQ, 2x Compressor, Delay, Pan
Output channel functions Attenuator, 4-band PEQ, Compressor, Delay
On-board processors 4x SPX multi effectors
I/OMic inputs 12
Phantom power +48V DC; ON/OFF per 4ch
Line inputs 2x Stereo, 2x 2tr in
AD converter 24-bit; 128-time over sampling
Line outputs Stereo output, Monitor output, 4x Omni output
DA converter 24-bit; 128-time over sampling
Digital I/O ADAT (8-in/8-out), 2tr in/out
Expansion slots Mini-YGDAI (16-in/16-out)
Control and others To Host(USB), MIDI, Word clock I/O
General specifications01V96i
Internal processing 32bit, Accumulator: 58bit
Sampling frequency rateInternal 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz
External 44.1kHz/88.2kHz (-10%) - 48kHz/96kHz (+6%)
Signal delay Less than 1.6ms CH INPUT to STEREO OUT (@SampIing frequency = 48kHz) / Less than 0.8ms CH INPUT to STEREO OUT (@SampIing frequency = 96kHz)
Total harmonic distortion CH INPUT to STEREO OUT: Less than 0.05%, 20Hz to 20kHz @+14dBu into 600Ω / Less than 0.01%, 1kHz @+24dBu into 600Ω (@SampIing frequency = 48kHz) / Less than 0.05%, 20Hz to 40kHz @+14dBu into 600Ω / Less than 0.01%, 1kHz @+24dBu into 600Ω (@SampIing frequency = 96kHz)
Frequency response CH INPUT to STEREO OUT: 0.5, -1.5dB, 20Hz - 20kHz @+4dBu into 600Ω(@SampIing frequency = 48kHz) / 0.5, -1.5dB, 20Hz - 40kHz @+4dBu into 600Ω(@SampIing frequency = 96kHz)
Dynamic range 110dB typ. DA Converter (STEREO OUT) / 105dB typ. AD+DA (to STEREO OUT) @fs=48kHz / 105dB typ. AD+DA (to STEREO OUT) @fs=96kHz
Hum & noise levelEquivalent input noise -128dBu Equivalent Input Noise.
Residual output noise -86dBu residual output noise. STEREO OUT: STEREO OUT off. / -86dBu (90dB S/N) STEREO OUT: STEREO fader at nominal level and all CH INPUT faders at minimum level. / -64dBu (68dB S/N) STEREO OUT: STEREO fader at nominal level and one CH INPUT fader at nominal level
Crosstalk -80dB adjacent input channels (CH1-12) / -80dB adjacent input channels (CH13-16) / -80dB input to output
Power requirements AC100V, 120V, 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 90W
DimensionsW 436mm; 17-1/8in
H 148mm; 5-7/8in
D 548mm; 21-5/8in
Net weight 14kg; 30.86lbs
Others Fader: 100mm motorized x17

Analog input characteristics

Input terminalPADGAINActual load impedanceFor use with nominalInput levelConnector
SensitivityNominalMax. before clip
1 to 12
0 -60dB 3kohms 50-600ohm Mics & 600ohm Lines -70dBu -60dBu -40dBu A:XLR-3-31 type (Balanced)
B:TRS phone jack (Balanced)
-16dB -26dBu -16dBu +4dBu
20 -6dBu +4dBu +24dBu
13 to 16
-26dB 10kohms 600ohm Lines -36dBu -26dBu -6dBu TRS phone jack (Balanced)
+4dB -6dBu +4dBu +24dBu
CH INSERT IN 1 to 12 10kohms 600ohm Lines -12dBu -2dBu +18dBu TRS phone jack (Unbalanced)
2TR IN [L,R] 10kohms 600ohm Lines -10dBV -10dBV +10dBV RCA pin jack (Unbalanced)

Analog output characteristics

Output terminalActual source impedanceFor use with nominalOutput levelConnector
NominalMax. before clip
STEREO OUT L,R 75ohms 600ohm Lines +4dBu +24dBu XLR-3-32 type (Balanced)
OMNI OUT 1 to 4 150ohms 10kohm Lines +4dBu +24dBu TRS phone jack (Balanced)
MONITOR OUT L,R 150ohms 10kohm Lines +4dBu +24dBu TRS phone jack (Balanced)
CH INSERT OUT 1 to 12 600ohms 10kohm Lines -2dBu +18dBu TRS phone jack (Unbalanced)
2TR OUT [L,R] 600ohms 10ohm Lines -10dBV +10dBV RCA pin jack (Unbalanced)
PHONES 100ohms 8ohm Lines 4mW 25mW ST phone jack (Unbalanced)
40ohm Lines 12mW 75mW

Digital input characteristics

TerminalFormatData lengthLevelConnector
2TR IN DIGITAL IEC-60958 24bit 0.5Vpp/75ohms RCA pin jack

Digital output characteristics

TerminalFormatData lengthLevelConnector
Consumer use
24bit 0.5Vpp/75ohms RCA pin jack

Digital input/output characteristics

TerminalFormatData lengthLevelConnector
USB USB2.0 24bit - B type USB connector

Control I/O characteristics

TO HOST USB USB 0V - 3.3V B type USB connector
MIDI IN MIDI - DIN Connector 5P
OUT MIDI - DIN Connector 5P
THRU MIDI - DIN Connector 5P
WORD CLOCK IN - TTL/75ohms BNC Connector
OUT - TTL/75ohms BNC Connector

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