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ACUS 5T OneForStrings 5T 50w Acoustic Amplifier

ACUS 5T OneForStrings 5T 50w Acoustic Amplifier

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ACUS 5T OneForStrings 5T 50w Acoustic Amplifier


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Acus One For Strings 5T - Acoustic Amp Perfection!

The magical Acus One ForStrings 5T is a 50W acoustic guitar amplifier, similar to the ForStreet, but runs on mains instead of batteries. If you need portable performance, check out the ForStreet instead.

Equipped with 2 separate input (microphone and line) with Gain / Volume controls, 3-band equalizer, Effect send and Master Volume. Thanks to the AUX Input and its volume control dedicated it is possible to connect an mp3 player or iPod. In addition, the One ForStrings 5T amplifier has an output Balanced Direct Output for use with external mixing desks and PA systems. A perfect buskers amp!

Acus Sound Engineering developed the Oneforstrings range to amplify the sound level of all acoustic instruments (notably acoustic and classical guitars) without altering their natural tone or resonance. Oneforstrings amps are designed in a minimalist style, with custom speakers, cabinets and highly reliable electronic components, all together capable of amplifying harmonics with natural tone. Oneforstreet can also be used as a mini PA system. It is versatile and responsive, with a full range of functions specifically tailored for acoustic instruments.

Available finished in Black, a natural Wood grain, and White!

To ask questions or for opinions about these wonderful amps, get in touch with us! Or, simply hit the cart button and checkout to get one sent to your door ASAP! We've been looking after you - our musical family - for decades, offering our wealth of expertise and knowledge Adelaide and Australia wide! We won't be beaten!

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