Adam SUB8 Active Subwoofer 160w 1x8.5

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Adam SUB8 Active Subwoofer 160w 1x8.5

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Adam SUB8 Active Subwoofer 160w 1x8.5 - Description

Derringers Music presents to you the Adam SUB8 Active Subwoofer 160w 1x8.5 for your purchase. Adam subwoofers are dedicated to ADAM Audio’s primary goal: the best possible authenticity in the reproduction of music. For Adam subwoofers, this means combining power and precision while simultaneously avoiding “impressive” bass volume at the cost of accuracy. Their task is it to complement the highly acclaimed lucidity and transparency of the ADAM monitors in the lower and lowest frequencies.

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Adam SUB8 Active Subwoofer 160w 1x8.5 - Features

  • Connectors and controls
  • All subwoofers up to the Sub2100 feature both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) in and output connectors, and numerous controls to adapt the subwoofer to different room acoustics and specific requirements: All units have a level control that varies from -60dB to +6dB, a phase ±180° switch and variable upper frequency barrier control (50-150 Hz), a switchable 85Hz high pass filter for the satellite output. In addition, there is a ‘signal-on/continuous’ switch. This provides the option of automatic power up whenever the subwoofer receives a signal and automatic power off after 15 minutes of no signal.
  • Sub8
  • The Sub8 is a small yet powerful subwoofer designed to extend the low frequency capabilities of any nearfield monitoring system. The Sub8 houses a robust 8“ woofer with a large 50 mm voice coil, and is driven by a 160 W ICE Power amp. This amp stays cool while handling maximum power levels, even if they are sustained.
  • The front baffle features two motorized knobs that let you tailor input level and crossover frequency settings for the best performance in your studio. These knobs can be controlled with an included wireless remote, allowing you to optimize your sound reproduction from your ideal listening position.

For years we've been telling the world that the Adam studio monitors are one the best monitors around, especially for their price point. Come in and hear the difference today! The Adam range is available from our webstore with free delivery to capital cities Australia wide. Seen a better price? Get in touch with the team at Derringers Music today 


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