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Ampeg AFP3 Triple Footswitch

Ampeg AFP3 Triple Footswitch

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Ampeg AFP3 Triple Footswitch


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Ampeg, (a division of Loud Technologies) is recognised world-wide as the premier name in bass and guitar amplification since the 1960’s, when the SVT (Super Valve Tone) bass amplifier took the rock world by storm with its 300 watts, 8 x10″ speaker cabinet and a tone that would go on to set the standard for rock and roll bass. Today, Ampeg continues on as the leader in professional bass gear and a cherished manufacturer of classic guitar amplifier designs with a continuing tradition of advancing bass tone through quality & innovation. In 2006, Ampeg reentered the electric guitar market by re-issuing its cult classic Dan Armstrong lucite body guitar, bringing back one of the most innovative design concepts in modern guitar History.