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Anuenue Aqua CK2 Concert Ukulele

Anuenue Aqua CK2 Concert Ukulele

Anuenue Aqua CK2 Concert Ukulele


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Aloha! TheaNueNue Ukuleleis not Just another ukulele company.
They are about life, music, and play. aNueNue means rainbow In Hawaiian - Pronounced, "a-Nue-Nue".
With their expertise and years of experience in the music industry, they have focused their passion to bring you the world's best ukulele.

When you play an aNueNue ukulele the unique feel of tone, design, fit, and finish will surprise you.


  • Aqua Cloud Shape Classical Headstock design with Printed logo. The Gear Tuners is use, and allows precise tuning.


  • Aqua Customises fingerboard inlay stickers. Inlay stickers will help you find the position of frets, so you don’t get lost while playing. They are easy to apply and remove. Rosewood is a hard wood, with open wood pores.


  • Strong bracing is designed to maintain stability, The tone will mature over time, and you will get a warmer tone.


  • ABS Black binding is elegant, and added protection to the body.


  • Smile shape Rosewood bridge help support the string tension. Synthetic Bone is hard and articulate, it helps the strings to vibrate and resonance.


  • Use Laminated Koa. It is more durable and flexible. Laminated Koa wood is harder, they can still yield that warmer, softer ukulele sound.


  • Aquila Nylgut strings is made of white Nylgut from Italy. Nylgut is a synthetic material that is intended to combine the best qualities of nylon and gut strings. The strings are easy to play, good for strumming, and have a warm tone.

Gig bag

  • Whale Shape Gig bag is use exclusively on the Aqua Ukulele Line. It is unique and easily grab people’s attention.