Behringer Ultralink ULM202USB 2.4GHz

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Behringer Ultralink ULM202USB 2.4GHz

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Behringer Ultralink ULM202USB 2.4GHz - Description

Once again we broke the affordability barrier – with our new ULTRALINK ULM202USB Wireless Microphone System. Now you are free to work the room to your heart’s content, without the hassle and restriction of cables underfoot. Our state-of-the-art transmitters and receivers operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, which is well out of the way of TV stations and cell phone towers, two of the main culprits that wreak havoc in the wireless zone. And because it is digitally encrypted, your signal gets through in all its pristine, high-definition quality, without the random artefacts that often plague other wireless systems. Replacing batteries in wireless mics can get expensive really fast – and having them die in the middle of your set can be a real showstopper! That’s why we devoted extra time in developing the ULM202USB to ensure that battery life was extended as much as possible. You get an honest 30 hours performance time from a pair of AA alkaline batteries, which are available virtually anywhere on the planet. We wanted the ULM202USB to be ultra-easy to operate, so we gave each mic easy-to-understand and operate Volume buttons right on the microphone body. And should you accidentally wander into the “Feedback Zone”, we included a handy Panic Mute function that engages when you press and hold the Volume Down button. Operating in the 2.4 GHz band allows your ULM202USB Wireless Microphone System to be used across the globe without any special licensing requirements.

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Customer Reviews

1 Review "Behringer Ultralink ULM202USB 2.4GHz"

Good quality for the price, exceeded expectations. Was told that it chewed through batteries and had no on/off switch, But it does have on/off switching and battery performance was good.
Thomas 25 October 2016 Would recommend this to anyone who uses wireless mic systems and has compatable equipment. Quality was good and batteries last well. Long range was good, have used them around 50 meters no problems. Does not come with mic clip, so you need to have oversize one. Was told there is no on off switch, but if you read the instructions properly there is one and it easily powers down to save batteries. Both my wife and I are singers and we have used a lot of mic's. These are pretty good, depending on your mix. They have volume controls on them which I didn't like, but that's how it is. You can tape them up so you don't press by accident while performing. Good value for money, but as I said you need the compatable equipment.

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