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Boss DS1 Distortion Effect Pedal

Boss DS1 Distortion Effect Pedal

Boss DS1 Distortion Effect Pedal

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The BOSS DS-1 distortion pedal hardly requires introduction thanks to its recognisable orange design and its solid place in the rock scene. In production since 1978, the DS-1 claims a hand in creating the signature sounds of many music legends, including Gary Moore, Kurt Cobain, Steve Vai and Joe Satriani.

A best-selling distortion pedal in a saturated market, the DS-1 creates hard-edged effects with clarity at all distortion settings, giving the user more creative freedom without sacrificing sound clarity even at high distortion levels. At lower distortion levels, the DS-1 serves as a booster, giving you flexibility in how you use the pedal. The tone control functionality gives you more options for sound shaping to produce your signature sound.

No matter what distortion settings you choose, this pedal lets the individual characteristics of guitars, pickups and styles come through without masking the sounds. You get the distortion you want while retaining the uniqueness of your instruments and playing style. A benchmark of rock guitar tone, the DS-1 earns its reputation as the distortion pedal of choice.

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