Cole Clark Guitars at Derringers Music

Cole Clark are a Melbourne based guitar manufacturer that have made their stamp world wide for making unique and high quality acoustic guitars. We always have a great range of cole clark guitars available for purchase online or instore. Cole Clark are very unique and in a whole lot of ways. If new approaches, innovation and individuality is what you’re after, then Cole Clark is a must! All their guitars are made from solid timbers, predominantly native Australian tone woods, feature a unique Spanish Heel neck join and have a pick up system that we believe is an industry leader! If I could describe Cole Clark in one word it would be striking. The timbers, finishes and appointments used in the construction of these guitars always result in a guitar that looks as much a work of art as it does an instrument of real worth. But for me the most impressive and industry leading feature is their pick up system. <h4>With great prices and wide product knowledge on all things Cole Clark, Derringers music is the place to call. Speak to a person on 08 8371 1884 or SMS 0418-836-504 For deals and advice. Derringers Music will challenge all competitors prices.

Cole Clark