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Crown XLS 2002 Power Amplifier

Crown XLS 2002 Power Amplifier

Crown XLS 2002 Power Amplifier



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The XLS 2000 from Crown Audio is a professional-quality stereo power amplifier that offers terrific versatility and audio quality in an affordable and lightweight rack mount design. The amplifier uses DriveCore technology, a proprietary hybrid analog-digital integrated circuit that drives the internal Class-D electronics. This technology allows the amplifier to consistently provide great audio, regardless of unstable AC lines, fluctuating power, and other power issues.
The PureBand Crossover System allows you to set the crossover point anywhere between 50Hz and 3kHz for tremendous flexibility. 4th order Linkwitz-Riley filters provide a seamless transition between high and low drivers. Crown Audio's Peakx limiter technology has been specifically designed to achieve high SPL levels with minimal distortion and shutdowns, allowing the maximum amount of safe power to be delivered to your speakers. You can also turn the limiters on and off easily from the front panel.
With internal technology allowing so much audio flexibility, you need just as much flexibility when connecting to an audio system. XLR, 1/4", and RCA inputs, along with Speakon and Binding Post outputs make it easy to connect the amplifier to practically any system you encounter. Individual level controls on the front panel let you adjust each channel separately. The amplifier can also operate in stereo or bridged-mono mode for additional versatility. Forced-air cooling fans keep internal components running smoothly, and LED indicators show you vital data at a glance.