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David Eden WTX500 Bass Guitar Amp Head

David Eden WTX500 Bass Guitar Amp Head

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David Eden WTX500 Bass Guitar Amp Head


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The WTX-500 is the perfect amplifier for players who need a full-featured amp that will fit in the pocket of the average gig bag. We designed the WTX-500 for the travelling musician, especially those who travel internationally. You can slip this amp into the pocket of most gig bags, and you can use it anywhere in the world. Just attach the appropriate power cord, swap a jumper and play away. The pre-amplifier section of the WTX-500 is based on the Golden Ear chip for amazing warmth and musicality. This is the same chip used in ultra-high-end recording consoles and is more expensive – and more musical – than the chips used by other manufacturers. Powered by a unique Analog Switching Amplifier that delivers 500W RMS, the WTX-500 has an impressive list of features, including: