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  1. DW Performance Series 5pc Shell Pack - Chrome Shadow
  2. DW REVERSE EDGE DRLC0614SYC 14x6" Snare Drum - Satin Oil
  3. DW 5000 Series DWCP5303 Adjustable Snare Stand
  4. DW Bass Drum Lifter Bracket DWCP9908CR
  5. DW 6000 Series DWCP6710 Flush Base Straight Cymbal Stand
  6. DW 5000 Series DWCP5710 Straight Cymbal Stand
  7. DW 3000 Series DWCP3710 Straight Cymbal Stand
  8. DW 3000 Series DWCP3700 Boom Cymbal Stand
  9. DW 3000 Series DWCP3300 Snare Stand
  10. DW 3000 Series DWCP3100 Round Top Throne
  11. DW 2000 Series DWCP2000 Single Kick Pedal
  12. DW Collectors DRX11622 Finish Ply Pure Maple 4pc Shell Pack Creme Oyster
  13. DW Performance 4pc Shell Pack Candy Apple Red
  14. DW DDAC2215CL Design Acrylic 5pc Shell Pack wth 22" Kick
  15. DW DDLM2214MB *Limited Edition* Design Series 4pc Shell Pack Midnight Blue
  16. DW 9000 Series DWCP9002PC Double Kick Pedal
  17. DW Collectors Maple Standard DRSO5514SSC 14x5.5" Snare Drum Satin Oil (Natural)
  18. DW 9000 Series DWCP9502LB8 Cable Drive Remote HiHat Stand
  19. DW 5000 Series DWCP5002AD4 Double Kick Pedal
  20. DW 9000 Series DWCP9500TB Heavy Duty Two Leg HiHat Stand
  21. DW 9000 Series DWCP9500D Three Leg HiHat Stand
  22. DW 9000 Series DWCP9000PB Single Kick Pedal
  23. DW 3000 Series DWCP3002 Double Kick Pedal (Double Chain)
  24. DW 5000 Series DWCP5500TD Medium Weight 2 Leg Hi Hat Stand
  25. DW 9000 Series DWCP9120M Spindle Adjust Saddle/Tractor Top Throne
  26. DW 9000 Series DWCP9120AL Airlift Saddle/Tractor Top Throne
  27. DW 5000 Series DWCP5500D Three Leg HiHat Stand
  28. DW 9000 Series DWCP9900AL Airlift Double Tom Holder Stand
  29. DW 9000 Series DWCP9300AL Airlift Snare Stand
  30. DW 9000 Series DWCP9100AL Air Lift Round Top Throne
  31. DW 9000 Series DWCP9100M Spindle Adjust Round Top Throne
  32. DW 5000 Series DWCP5000TD4 Single Kick Pedal
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-32 of 47

per page

Since DW's first debut at NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants), they have pioneered some awesome products like the Delta Tri-Bearing pedal system featuring the patented Delta ball-bearing hinge, also the Edge brass/maple snare drum. Not forgetting the concept of smaller F.A.S.T.® tom-tom sizes plus the Woofer Bass Drum Tone Enhancer and the True-Pitch® Tuning System. In addition, DW has perfected a wide variety of Lacquer, Satin Oil and FinishPly™ drum finish choices. Most of DW's drums can be custom-ordered to suit the customer's needs in any of DW's Custom Shops. Unique to DW's drum kits are its True-Pitch tuning rods (tension rods with finer threads), DW's Coated/Clear drumheads made by Remo, STM tom mounts, and Specialized Shell Configuration (SSC), which allows the customer to choose between X, VLT (Vertical Low Timbre), or VLX shells for a unique sound. Browse the complete range of stunning DW products at Derringers Music, and call us for a chat about how to get you playing faster!