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Make a splash with Meinl, Paiste, Roland, Rtom, Sabian, Zildjian & Zilli & more!



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  1. Paiste 2002 Black Big Beat 22" Cymbal
  2. Paiste 2002 Black Big Beat 20" Cymbal
  3. Paiste Masters 20" Extra Dry Ride
  4. Paiste Masters 14&quot Dark Hi-Hat Pair
  5. Paiste Masters Extra Thin 19"
  6. Paiste Masters Extra Thin 18"
  7. Paiste Signature 20" Fast Medium Crash
  8. Paiste Signature 18" Fast Medium Crash
  9. Paiste Signature 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hat Pair
  10. Paiste Signature 20" Full Crash
  11. Paiste Signature 17" Full Crash
  12. Paiste Signature 20" Fast Crash
  13. Paiste PST8 Reflector 20" Medium Ride
  14. Paiste PST7 16" Crash
  15. Paiste 2002 Big Beat 18" Crash
  16. Paiste 2002 15" Sound Edge Hi-Hat Pair
  17. Paiste 2002 13" Sound Edge Hi-Hat Pair
  18. Paiste 2002 20" China
  19. Paiste 2002 24" Ride
  20. Paiste 2002 20" Crash
  21. Paiste Formula 602 14" Medium Hi-Hat Pair
  22. Paiste PST5 14" Medium Crash
  23. Paiste PST3 20" Ride
  24. Paiste 101 Brass 20" Ride
  25. Paiste 101 Brass 16" Crash
  26. Zildjian S Family 20" Medium Ride
  27. Zildjian S Family 18" Trash Crash
  28. Zildjian Planet Z 18" China
  29. Zildjian Planet Z 10" Splash
  30. Zildjian Low Volume LV348 Set
  31. Zildjian K Matched Dark Set
  32. Zildjian K Custom 17" Hybrid Crash
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-32 of 322

per page

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A cymbal is a common percussion instrument that consists of thin, normally round plates of various alloys. The majority of cymbals are of indefinite pitch and are used in many ensembles ranging from the orchestra, percussion ensembles, jazz bands, heavy metal bands, and marching groups. Drum kits usually incorporate at least a crash, ride or crash/ride, and a pair of hi-hat cymbals. Today Electric Drum Kits incorporate electronic triggered cymbals.
You definitely know when you have struck a cymbal, commonly with a drum stick, as the experience is a sharp, ringing sound.

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