DW Maple/Mahogany DRM40614SFN Top Edge Snare Drum 14x6"

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DW Maple/Mahogany DRM40614SFN Top Edge Snare Drum 14x6"

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DW Maple/Mahogany DRM40614SFN Top Edge Snare Drum 14x6" - Description

This DW Maple/Mahogany DRM40614SFN Top Edge Snare Drum 14x6" is a specialty snare drum designed to offer warmth, volume and throaty attack in one package.

The hybrid shell is an offshoot of the patented Edge design (U.S. Patent #5377576) and features a heavy-gauge cast brass ring press-fit on top of a 10-ply Maple and Mahogany plied shell with VLT (Vertical Low Timber) technology. The result is a snare drum with plenty of bite, combined with ample bottom end response. Other standard features include 3.0 True Hoops, True Pitch Tuning, MAG Throw-Off System with 3P butt plate and DW Heads by Remo USA. Black nickel metal finish.

To make a better instrument, sometimes you have to go back to the basics. We spent nearly a year-and-a-half designing and perfecting the most consistent counter hoop we’ve ever produced. It’s called the True Hoop™ and it’s a major advancement in the relationship between bearing edge, drum head and counter hoop. As drummers, we know how critical that relationship is to tuning and tone. The True Hoop™ is just that, round and flat, and without the typical variations you often see around stamped holes. It even has an attractive new touch: a fully-rounded outer edge. They now come factory installed on all Custom Shop Drums and are available in all drum hardware colour options.

True Hoops™ are also gauged in graduated thicknesses to factory-match various drum sizes.
Drums 8" and 10" in diameter come with 1.6mm True Hoops™, while 12"-18" come with 2.3mm. All snare drums come with 3.0mm True Hoops™.

A purposefully simple design, the MAG™ (U.S. Patent No. 7,902,444) is a workhorse drop throw-off with horizontal tension adjustment and smooth, easy-adjust action. It gets its name from a clever magnet that's integrated into the body of the throw-off. When the handle is in the up position, it won’t release without a slight tug. When it does release it throws the strainer completely off the head to avoid any strainer buzz. The innovative new 3P, three-position butt plate, allows you to easily and accurately toggle between 3 different levels of strainer tension. The combination of the MAG™ throw-off and the 3P Butt Plate is the most reliable and adjustable strainer system we've ever built and comes standard on all Custom Shop DW Snares.

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