Eve Audio SC307: 3-Way 6.5" Active Nearfield Monitor

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Eve Audio SC307: 3-Way 6.5" Active Nearfield Monitor

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Eve Audio SC307: 3-Way 6.5" Active Nearfield Monitor - Description

Derringers Music presents the Eve Audio SC307: 3-Way 6.5" Active Nearfield Monitor. The Eve Audio SC307 3-Way 7" Active Nearfield Monitor is the second model in Eve Audio's three-way system monitor range. This powerful monitor is perfectly suited for both near- and midfield monitoring. And, in surround set ups, the SC307 will work excellently as a center channel too. The SC307 combines the power from three different amplifiers to deliver a very efficient, dynamic and low noise sound reproduction.Eve Audio's three-way systems are developed for critical and detailed listening. Although they will be able to provide lots of power and thunderous bass frequencies, they will also excel if you're looking for a precise and very detailed pair of speakers.Eve Audio's three-way systems are designed around the concept to distribute the frequencies properly between all individual components and raise the efficiency of your speakers effectively.

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Eve Audio SC307: 3-Way 6.5" Active Nearfield Monitor - Specifications

  • Description: 3-way System
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) [mm]: 500 x 215 x 310
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) ["]: 19.69 x 8.46 x 12.2
  • Free-field frequency range (-3dB): 40Hz - 21kHz
  • Tweeter: AMT RS2
  • Mid-Woofer: 165mm/6.5"
  • Woofer: 165mm/6.5"
  • Cross-over frequency: 300Hz/3000Hz
  • Maximum SPL @ 1m: 114dB
  • Number of amplifiers: 3
  • Total short-term output power: 250W
  • Output power (woofer): 2 x 100W
  • Output power (tweeter): 50W
  • Protection limiter
  • Volume: -inf. - +6dB
  • High-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB): > 3kHz
  • Desk filter boost (0dB - +3dB): 80Hz
  • Desk filter cut (-5dB - 0dB): 160Hz
  • Low-shelf filter (-5dB - +3dB): < 300Hz
  • Level-fix dip switch
  • Filter-fix dip switch
  • Woofer-change dip switch
  • XLR in (impedance): 10k
  • RCA in (impedance): 10k
  • Power consumption
    • Standby: < 1W
    • Full output: 120VA
  • Weight kg/lb.: 12.4 / 27.3


Eve Audio

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