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Buy BANJOS online with confidence at Derringers Music. A South Australian owned musical instrument shop offering our best deals on the BANJOS. Delivering to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Australia wide. Shipping daily! Find out about our best deals and sales at discount prices. Choose from hundreds of music industry known brands and thousands of products. Can't find it online? Bet we have it in store! Call us on 08-8371-1884. All competitors online and counter prices challenge! Try our best buy, low price challenge. Compare prices, shop online and get your best price from Derringers.

Banjos may no longer be available at $9.65 and $11.95 like the images from the 1920s Sears and Roebuck Catalogue (shown above), but Derringers Music does have a great range of Banjos available for all levels and styles of player.

Initially popularised in late 19th and early 20th centruries, the banjo has gained surges of popularity since the 1960s folk boom. Originally the banjo was chosen due to its ability to push a great volume without any amplifications, the banjo gave both strong percussion and rhythm chords behind many early brass jazz bands. While the advent of the electric guitar saw the demise of the banjo in Jazz, the instrument had become hugely popular in the folk music of the American South. In the late 1930s and early 1940s, a young Kentuckian tenor singer was developing a new genre of music. Bill Monroe, a mandolin player and tenor singer, was in search of a unique sound that could compete commercially against the popular cowboy singers of the day. Monroe's band, the Blue Grass Boys, had a completely different sound - edgy and driving sounds were popular on the local country radio stations of Southern USA and especially on the powerful WSM radio station in Nashville that broadcast the Grand Old Opry. Monroe's sound evolved but really found its mark when a shy young banjo player named Earl Scruggs joined his band.

Earl Scruggs popularised the banjo like no other person in history. His unique style involved playing the banjo with picking indivual strings in a style taken in part from classical guitar. In the hands of Earl Scruggs and his many immitators that followed, the 5-Stringed Banjo became a clear and distinctive lead instrument.

Not every 5-stringed banjo in United States folk music was played in the style of Bluegrass Music. Many traditional players of the banjo stayed with their traditional open-backed banjos and played the brush-frailing style of the old mountain hillbillies. This style involved strumming the strings with the back of the fingers and fingernails and picking with the thumb. Often called Frailing or Drop-thumb style the old time mountain style has remained a popular alternative style in folk music.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, the shorter Tenor Banjo had become a strong feature in Celtic music. Primarily in Ireland, the 4-string banjo played with a plectrum played intricate jigs and reels in the flowing melodic style of a folk mandolinist.

Derringers Music offers a wide range of 4, 5 and 6-stringed banjos for each of the main styles of traditional play and for contemporary folk-rock. Come in to our store or browse the great selection of banjos available. Derringers stock argueably what is currently the world's best banjos made by the Deering, The Great American Banjo Company who make Deering and Good Time Banjoes. Derringers also stock a great range of economical and beginners banjos. Check 'em out.