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  1. Tanglewood TWMTMH Mahogany Mandolin
  2. Tanglewood TWMTBKPE Union Series Mandolin Black with Pickup
  3. Tanglewood TWMFVSE Teardrop Mandolin Vintage Sunburst with Pickup
  4. Rover RM-50 Deluxe Student A-model Mandolin
  5. Kentucky KM-1000 Master Model F-model Varnish Vintage Sunburst Mandolin
  6. Ibanez M510E BS Mandolin without Case
  7. Gold Tone F-6 F-style Mando-Guitar with Pickup and Case
  8. Rover RM75FMandolin
  9. Kentucky KM855 Artist FAmberburst Mandolin
  10. Kentucky KM650 Standard FMandolin Sunburst
  11. Kentucky KM150 Standard ASunburst Mandolin
  12. Kentucky KM140 ASunburst Mandolin
  13. Kentucky KM1000 Master FVarnish Vintage Sunburst Mandolin
  14. Epiphone Masterbilt MM40L F style Mandolin Vintage Sunburst Mandolin
  15. Epiphone MM30S Mandolin Antique Sunburst Mandolin
Set Descending Direction

15 Items

per page

Buy MANDOLINS online with confidence at Derringers Music. Derringers Music is a South Australian owned music industry retail service store. Offering some of the best deals on MANDOLINS and take pride in our after sales service. Derringers Music delivers to Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Australia wide. Shipping daily! Find out about our best deals and sales at discount prices. Choose from hundreds of music industry known brands and thousands of products. Can't find it online? Bet we have it in store! Call us on 08-8371-1884. All competitors online and counter prices challenge! Try our best buy, low price challenge. Compare prices, shop online and get your best price.

Derringers Music has a great range of Mandolins. The modern mandolin is found in all genres of music from rock bands through bluegrass and folk to classical. At the turn of the 20th Century mandolin orchestras were popular then in the through the early teens of the 20th Century the mandolin was the main lead instrument in many vocal duets. From the late 1930s the mandolin was a key feature in Bluegrass bands with the music genre founder, Bill Monroe, popularising the instrument as a solo feature instrument.

The pedigree of the mandolin goes back to the Italian Mandolino or Small Mandola, a lute shaped instrument that was used in clasical music. These mandolins are often referred to as the Neapolitan or round-backed mandolin. At the turn of the 20th century the mandolin was re-designed by Orville Gibson and later Lloyd Loar of the Gibson Mandolin and Guitar Company, to be a carved top and back instrument like its Violin cousin. Gibson Mandolins signed by Lloyd Loar in the early 1920s are amongst the world's most expensive instruments.

The mandolin features 8 strings in four pairs. Each pair is normally tuned to the same note to increase the volume and sustain of the note. The four [pairs of] strings are tuned the same as the Violin.

Today a wide variety of mandolins are made by manufacturers all around the world and Derringers Music stock a good selection for you to purchase.