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The Ukulele originated from Hawaii and is a part of the lute family of musical instruments. Traditionally constructed of Hawaiian Koa wood and strung with gut strings the instrument gained huge popularity during World War II because of its small size made it highly portable for troops. During WW2 a boom in the production of ukuleles saw the instrument venture from the traditional Koa to be made by a variety of available timbers. Of these alternative timbers, Mahogany became one of the most popular choices. The original Hawaiian instruments were built in a range of sizes loosely following a similar string scale length as bowed instruments like the violin, ranging from the smallest Soprano through to Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Modern ukuleles are even more varied ranging through to custom sizes just smaller than a half-sized guitar. With the modern ukulele, gut strings have given way to nylon strings as found on a classical guitar.

Conventionally the ukulele is tuned in the same intervals as the top four strings on a guitar with the fourth string tuned an octave above. A chord shape on a guitar's higher four strings is exactly the same as a ukulele but five tones higher. That means a guitar fitted with a capo at the fifth fret produces identical chord shapes. Everything a student learns on ukulele can be moved to guitar with ease.

Modern variants of the traditional family of soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone instruments have been expanded to include Guitarlele and Ubass (or Ukulele Bass) instruments. Originally shaped and constructed like a scaled-down classical guitar, ukuleles can now be purchased in a variety of novelty shapes mimicking electric guitar and even pineapple and skull shapes. Other ukulele variations include the Banjo-ukulele (Banjolele), Resonator Ukulele or traditional guitar shapes with a cutaway for playing high up the neck and also sophisticated pickup systems.

Schools who traditionally taught the Recorder (wooden whistle) as the basic instrument are now moving to the ukulele as a more versatile and fashionable instrument.

The standard Ukulele sizes are:

  • Baritone Ukulele: 20 inch string length (30 inch overall instrument length)
  • Tenor Ukulele: 17 inch string length (26 inch overall instrument length)
  • Concert Ukulele: 14.75 inch string length (23 inch overall instrument length)
  • Soprano Ukulele: 13.5 inch string length (21 inch overall instrument length)

Some famous musicians have been known to have originally composed some classic Hit Songs on ukulele including Paul McCartney and George Harrison, the latter composing the immortal love song "Something [in the way she moves]" on ukulele.

Most capital cities and large regional areas in Australia have Ukulele social groups such as the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society.

Whether you are a Wahini from Waikiki or Uke Skywalker from Tatooine, you cannot have too many Ukeleles.



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