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Our bread and butter! Derringers has been focused on fretted instruments for more than 40 years! All major brands on deck! Fender, Gibson, Grestch, PRS, Yamaha, Maton, Taylor, Martin, Ibanez, Epiphone, Squier & and dozens more!


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Fretted Instruments, Guitars, Banjos, Resonators, Mandolins & Ukuleles.

Derringers Music is focused on fretted instruments, not just in Adelaide but Australia wide! Offering South Australians with two dedicated fretted music instrument guitar stores for your shopping convenience. The focus on fretted guitar only store located in the heart of Adelaide's CBD and the monstrous Forestville store featuring a mammoth 900+ guitars on the floor offering the widest range of choice and value any musician can ask for.

Stocking all the major brands for the budding guitarist including a complete range of live performance, audio equipment and guitar accessories that complete your individualised stage or recording performance.

The Derringers Guitar Store is famous for our fine selection of vintage and bluegrass guitars. Stocking all the major brands you would expect from industry retail leaders. Fender, Squire, Gibson, Epiphone, Gretsch, Ibanez, Coleclark, Yamaha, Martin, Maton and more.

There's electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric acoustic guitars, guitar packages, guitar amplifiers, effects & pedals, bass gear, and more. Between both stores, there are over a thousand guitars in stock at any one time why look anywhere else?