Jands Stage CL 24 Channel Lighting Console

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Jands Stage CL 24 Channel Lighting Console

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RRP: *QS: $1,995

Special Price $1,799

Street Price Cart Offer!

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Jands Stage CL 24 Channel Lighting Console - Description

If youre running a small lighting rig in a club, as a rental, or in a retail space, youve probably upgraded to LED lights. Why? Because modern LEDs can produce any colour without the need for filters, so you can produce fantastic combinations of colours with just a few lights. The Jands Stage CL 24 Channel Lighting Console is the one for you

Sounds great, but youve probably noticed that when it comes to choosing a control console most of the ones available either arent designed to control colour and intensity or are way more complicated (and expensive) than required.

This is why Jands have created the Stage CL.

The Stage CL is literally made for LEDs. We realised that there were lots of people out there using LED lights who were only getting a fraction of the power and flexibility these lights offer.

The Stage CL gives you all the manual controls and automation you need to get the most out of your LEDs. Best of all, it’s so easy to use you don’t need to be a lighting expert to run it.

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Jands Stage CL 24 Channel Lighting Console - Features

Playback Controls

12 Fixtures channel with fader, flash button, select button, colour output mimic, hue and saturation encoders
2 Fixtures channel pages *
Scene and Chase playback on Channel faders
6 Scene Pages
Snapshot button to hold console output
4 Scene playback buttons with master level fader
4 Chase playback buttons with master level fader
1 Cuelist playback with Go, Pause, Back and Release buttons and master level fader
Grand Master and Dead Black Out
Fade time dial
Chase tempo dial with tap sync button
4.3 inch Touchscreen LCD (480 x 272px)
Colour window with inbuilt patterns, chases and favorites
Scene, Cuelist and Chase windows for editing & monitoring
Extensive fixture library and inbuilt fixture editor
Auto-Pilot mode for unattended operation
Save multiple show files and backup to USB flash drives
Inputs and Outputs
1 DMX output
1 Ethernet / Network port (compatible with sACN & Art-Net)
2 USB2 connectors
12v Power input


Jands Stage CL 24 Channel Lighting Console - Specifications

Power supply : 12VDC +/-10% 2A
Power consumption : 24W max
Mains connector : 5.5/2.1mm coaxial DC power socket
Flash Storage : 256MB
Ambient temperature: 0°C - 40°C
Touchscreen : 480x272 pixel TFT
DMX512 : 5 pin AXR
Ethernet : 100Mbit RJ45
USB : Two Type A High Spee
Dimensions : 520 x 290 x 80 mm
Net / Shipping weight : 8 / 10 kg
* New features in software Version 1.3.


Manufacturer of music electronics and mixers.


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