Joe Meek threeQ 1/2 Rack Channel Strip

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Joe Meek threeQ 1/2 Rack Channel Strip

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Joe Meek threeQ 1/2 Rack Channel Strip - Description

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Big-time Features, Big-time Value!

Packing the great Joemeek sound and vibe into a compact desktop device, the threeQ is a super-affordable way to improve your recorded sound right now. Incorporating the same Burr-Brown ICs found in the higher-end studio channels, the threeQ gives you a stellar front end for the money — but the magic doesn't stop there! You also get a Joemeek EQ to dial in your sounds, along with top-notch optical compression. That's right, the same magic that made Joemeek gear a studio staple is included inside the threeQ — and at a price that makes the threeQ one heck of a bargain! Pro studio sound on a project studio budget — that's what you get with the Joemeek threeQ!

Joemeek threeQ Desktop Studio Channel Strip Features at a Glance:

  • Ultra-clean microphone preamplifier
  • Highly musical 3-band EQ with Sweep midrange
  • Full-featured optical compressor with settings from "silk" to "in your face!"
  • Accurate LED metering for quick monitoring of level and gain reduction
  • Line instrument input for use as a DI during sessions
  • Balanced and unbalanced I/O for proper interfacing with any system
  • Intuitive panel layout for "transparent" use while recording
  • Compact half-rack design for desktop or rackmount use
  • Input impedances: Mic: 1.2 Kohm; Line: 20 Kohm
  • Preamp overall gain: 0dB to 60dB
  • Common mode rejection: 70dB
  • Equivalent input noise: -128.5dBu (unweighted)
  • Distortion: 0.001% (below compressor threshold)
  • Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz (-3dB)
  • Maximum input before clipping: Mic: +19.5dBu; Line: +44.5dBu
  • Headroom before clipping: +19.5dBu
  • Compressor threshold: +∞dBu to -20dBu (variable)
  • Compressor ratio: 5:1 (typical)
  • Compressor attack time: 1 ms to 100 ms (adaptive)
  • Compressor release time: 0.1 sec to 3 sec (adaptive)
  • EQ boost and cut: +/-15dB (zero phase-shift bell response)
  • LF frequency: 80Hz (fixed)
  • Mid frequency: 300Hz to 5kHz variable
  • HF frequency: 12kHz (fixed)
  • EQ "Q": 0.9 (1.6 octaves)
  • Output gain: -∞dBu to +16dBu (variable)
  • Nominal output levels: +4dBu/-10dBv (selectable)
  • Output impedance: 75 ohm
  • Output level switch: 12dB attenuation
  • Noise floor: -85dBu (typical, with ~40dB mic gain)
  • VU meter: 8-segment bar graph
  • Power supply: 12V AC mains adapter
  • Power consumption: 12 watts

Big studio sound on a budget: the Joemeek threeQ!

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Joe Meek

Robert George "Joe" Meek was an English record producer, sound engineer and songwriter who pioneered space age and experimental pop music. He also assisted the development of recording practices like overdubbing, sampling and reverb.


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