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Kala Ziricote Tenor Ukulele

Kala Ziricote Tenor Ukulele

Kala Ziricote Tenor Ukulele

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Derringers Music is pleased to present the Kala KA-ZCT-T Ziricote Tenor Ukulele.

The Ziricote line features a rich, dark, chocolate brown wood accentuated by a honey blonde Sapwood in the middle and along the sides, finished in a high-gloss to make the details pop.

The Kala KA-ZCT-T Tenor Ukulele brings an exotic tonewood twist to traditional ukulele construction. Beautiful pieces of ziricote are used for the ukulele's top, back, and sides. Ziricote is a beautiful tonewood found in tropical Central and South America. Its deeply figured look is riddled with interesting and unique grain patterns.

Tonally, ziricote is a dense wood with plenty of attack and clarity, while still delivering a warm sound.


  • Easy-playing Tenor ukulele with premium tonewoods
  • Beautifully crafted with exotic ziricote
  • High gloss finish brings out the beauty of the ziricote
  • Mahogany neck with walnut fingerboard
  • GraphTech TUSQ nut and bone saddle for enhanced tonality

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