Marshall 2245 JTM45 30w Vintage Re-Issued

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Marshall 2245 JTM45 30w Vintage Re-Issued

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Marshall 2245 JTM45 30w Vintage Re-Issued - Description

Marshall JTM45 30w Vintage Re-Issued

The Marshall JTM45 is a re-issue amp with 30 watts of power. This amp was first re-issued in 1989. It uses two 5881 power output tubes and three ECC83 preamp tubes. It has a 3-band EQ (Bass, Middle, and Treble) plus a presence control. There are two Volume controls which can be used for creating slightly different sounds. Each volume control is connected to two ¼ inch input jacks where the first jack is hotter than the second. The first Volume and Inputs are more sensitive than the second Volume control and input jacks. You can use a short ¼ inch patch cable and connect both the inputs and volume controls to a single guitar for more tone and gain variations.

The amp is hand wired onto handmade tagboard just as was done in the original. They’ve also added the coffin logo as per the original (The label was made by a coffin maker and hence coffin logo). This version also uses the same type output transformer which is fairly important to the sound of the amp. The amp itself is mounted centrally into the amp cover. The original chassis of the amp was known for it’s offset. The GZ34 rectifier tube was also used in this re-issue. This rectifier tube when played hard gives a slight compression effect to the sound which adds to its warm, sustain and subtle harmonic shift. This amp has warm sustaining glassy sound. If you are looking for a more aggressive sound try the JCM2000 or MF350 Mode Four amps.


  • Great Vintage Warm Sustain
  • 30 Watts RMS of power
  • Three 12AX7’s (ECC83) preamp tubes
  • Two 6L6 (5881) power output Tubes
  • Three Band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble)
  • Presence Control
  • Two Volume Controls

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Marshall Amplification is a major manufacturer of guitar and bass amplifiers and associated accessories. Marshall Amplification is registered in England Registered Number 805676 Denbigh Road Bletchley Milton Keynes MK1 1DQ England. Derringers Music is pleased to present the Marshall Amplifier range both in store and online.


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