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NUX DM-1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit

NUX DM-1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit

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NUX DM-1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit


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Derringers Music is proud to present the NUX DM-1 Portable Digital Electronic Drum Kit.

The perfect beginner electronic drum kit. The DM-1 offers a new innovative design structure, making it the lightest and most compact complete drum kit on the market. With 20 complete drum kits, built-in coach function, recording function, foldable design.

Innovative Design
The DM-1 is the latest innovation in electronic drum kit engineered by NUX. The new innovative design structure makes the DM-1 the lightest and most compact complete drum kit on the market today. There are 20 drum kit variations and the ability to complement those kits with the proprietary “One-Knob” effects processing, which offers players infinite possibilities and helps fuel the creative process. There is a built-in coach function to help players maintain or improve their overall skill level as well as a record function to retain great ideas and review their own playing style. The DM-1 represents a fun, wide range package for any skill level and is a fantastic tool for the gigging musician who’d like to travel lightly and be able to fit a drum kit in just about any location.

Great Sounds
The integrated drum sounds of the DM-1 cover various music genres such as rock, blues, jazz, metal, electronic and more. In creating these kits, advice was taken from accomplished professional drummers in addition to sampling sounds from some legendary popular kits that have been the signature sound of many popular artists over the years.

OneKnob is a groundbreaking feature added to the DM-1 that integrates 3 different effects: Drive, Compress and Wet. OneKnob allows players to color their sound in real time to achieve their preferred tone. Easily rotating the knob will allow the players to try different effect combinations to create their favorite drum sounds.

Coach function and Recording function
The DM-1 is more than just an electronic drum set it’s also an electronic drum coach. The built-in coach function helps players keep track of their daily practice and helps improve skill step by step. The recording function can capture any idea or innovative beat at any time.

Foldable design, stable structure
The brand new innovative structural design of the DM-1 makes it one of the smallest compact electronic drums sets available. You can easily find a spot for it in any corner of your house, fit it in the trunk of your car for easy transport and never have to worry about where you can set up when a gig calls for close quarters of the band. Don’t be fooled by its size, the DM-1 is strong enough to bear strikes from any hard-hitting player.

Recording your beats
Want to record your beats to PC/Mac? Simply hook up a USB-MIDI cable with no extra hardware needed and you’re in business. You can also use the DM-1 together with various software applications to access additional features for playing, composing and performing.


  • Configuration: 3x 8'Tom, 1x 8'Snare, 1x 10'Hi-hat, 1x 10'Crash, 1x 10'Ride, 1x Hi-hat Contro, 1x Kick Drum Control
  • Interface: 3.5mm earphone plug, DC-in Plug, USB- MIDI, SD card, AUX in, 6.35mm output
  • Power: Battery DC-9V Negative tip
  • 20 Drum Kits
  • Snare Trigger: - Rim Shot feature
  • Backing Track: - 10 with an instant drum on/off control
  • Recording Storage Space:- 10 songs
  • Metronome:- Metronome with Tap Tempo
  • Effects:- Drive, Compression, and Wet(Reverb) via OneKnob

Cymbal Triggers:

  • Crash – Mute; Bow/Edge
  • Ride – Mute; Bow/Edge

Coach Functions:

  • Time Check
  • Change Up
  • Auto Up/Down
  • Quiet Count
  • Tempo Check
  • Stroke Balance

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