Paiste 18" Signature Heavy China Cymbal

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Paiste 18" Signature Heavy China Cymbal

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RRP: *QS: $779

Special Price $625

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Paiste 18" Signature Heavy China Cymbal - Description

The Paiste 18" Signature Heavy China Cymbal is crafted using Paiste's proprietary Signature Alloy that envelops you in its full, bright, trashy sound.

You'll find this Signature Heavy China Cymbal ideal for strong ride playing and exotic, dramatic crashes as it serves up a broad tonal range with rich, complex overtones.

Paiste Signature series cymbals sound full and bright, with strong presence and projection. They have a crisp, focused character, and articulately respond to your stick attack. Above all, Signature series cymbals are eminently musical. Signature Precision series cymbals are made from the same Signature alloy using a streamlined manufacturing process to give you Signature sound at a more affordable price.

Sizes: 18"
Weight: heavy
Volume: medium to very loud
Stick Sound: washy, pronounced
Intensity: aggressive and lively
Sustain: lon
Bell Character: integrated
Sound Character: Bright, full, trashy. Wide range with complex frequencies.

Well suited for stronger china ride playing and big, exotic crashes.

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Paiste is a Swiss-based Estonian manufacturer and designer of cymbals. It is the world's third largest manufacturer of cymbals, gongs, and metal percussion. Paiste is an Estonian and Finnish word that means "shine".

Many drummers, percussionists, enthusiasts, and collectors consider Paiste the most innovative cymbal company today. Paiste originate innovation by creative experimental efforts, and through pure research. Discovering new alloys, new instrument shapes, and new production methods driving the expansion of sound of so many musicians.

The Paiste cymbal program always reflects the current state of music. Music is incredibly diverse and changes constantly. Today’s music mixes and matches drumming styles; borrowing freely from historical periods; it is being enriched by ethnic and traditional genres; it continues to integrate worldwide music styles.  Drummers no longer limit themselves within a certain style. Experimentation, integration and revolution are the norm. The art of percussion has evolved to point where technical and musical ability has reached unprecedented levels. Paiste work with Drummers and percussionists speaking  musical languages, actively performing and working collectivly. Simple put Paiste cymbals help you create music!

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