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Paiste 20" Rude Thin Crash Cymbal

Paiste 20" Rude Thin Crash Cymbal

Paiste 20" Rude Thin Crash Cymbal


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The Paiste 20" Rude Thin Crash Cymbal with its thin weight and medium volume, is by far the most polite member of the Paiste Rude series.

Don't worry, it still has the same cut and character as the other Rude cymbals. The 20" Rude Thin Crash has an explosive response, which makes it a natural choice for punchy accents where a splash or traditional crash won't do. Its dark, throaty sound also makes it a heck of a wash cymbal for breakdowns.

Size: 20"
Weight: thin
Volume: medium soft to loud
Stick Sound: washy, crisp
Intensity: lively
Sustain: fairly lon
Bell Character: integrated
Sound Character: Full, dark, energetic with a brilliant broad sparkle underneath the overall cutting character.

Very flexible with a wide range and a fairly complex mix. Responsive, explosive, shattering attack. Breathy layers of sound with that distinctive RUDE attitude.