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Paiste 22" 2002 Heavy Ride Cymbal

Paiste 22" 2002 Heavy Ride Cymbal

Paiste 22" 2002 Heavy Ride Cymbal



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The Paiste 22" 2002 Heavy Ride Cymbal is associated with the Paiste 2002 series that is based on the first cymbal series fully developed for electronically amplified music.

Made with CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze" this cymbal produces the sound to match the new frequencies and volume levels. The 2002 was developed 1971 fusing the power of the Giant Beat with the differentiation of the Jazz series Formula 602.

Working musicians who play medium to very loud settings - live and recording - country, R&B, rock, jazz-rock, progressive, metal, grunge, and modern hybrids rooted in those styles will appreciate the bright, warm, and musically precise energy levels and powerful projection characteristics of this 22" ride.

Weight: heavy
Volume: medium loud to very loud
Stick Sound: pingy
Intensity: slightly dry
Sustain: medium
Bell Character: strong, integrated
Sound Character: Bright, full, warm, energetic. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Fairly heavy feel. Strong, defined ping over, full, warm, slightly dark wash.

Well suited for louder playing.