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Pearl D1000SPN Drum Throne

Pearl D1000SPN Drum Throne

Pearl D1000SPN Drum Throne


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The Pearl D-1000SPN Drum Throne Series features vinyl covered cushions a shock absorbing post for outstanding comfort, along with adjustable spring tension for customisable support.

This high quality Roadster throne is perfect for any size drummer and provide the support and stability you need to play your absolute best with shock absorbion.

The "AirFlo" vented material prevents fatigue by allowing the cushion to breathe during use, keeping the body area dry and cooler than average seats.

This allows you the user extra-comfort during long sessions to fully concentrate on drumming without any distractions.

The in-built Reversible StopLock underneath the seat allows you to lock the cushion in place or allow it to spin, depending on your preference.

Double braced legs offer fantastic structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it; great for studio recording.