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Rodrigo Percussion Standard Cajon

Rodrigo Percussion Standard Cajon

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Rodrigo Percussion Standard Cajon


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Derringer introduces the Rodrigo Percussion Standard Cajon.

Rodrigo Percussion Cajons were always bound to make an impact with the craftsmanship of a working percussionist using the finest materials to produce a PRO quality cajon. All Rodrigo Percussion Cajon shells are made from the denser grain of Birch Plywood.

UNIQUE 3rd 'rim shot' tone with 2nd drum on the back. All black shell. The biggest seller due to it's price point and THE reason why Rodrigo has lasted 12 years and still going strong!

Tonal quality is achieved by the slower growing trees found in the Northern Hemisphere.
Birch Plywood has been around for over a hundred years and is used in top Flamenco & Classical guitars made in throughout Europe.

The faces on the painted Cajons are also Birch Plywood but the natural faces come in Birch and Cedar. The Cedar is an ornamental wood which and they look and sound great!

All Rodrigo Percussion Cajons are painted with an environmentally friendly two pac acrylic paint which is durable but cleans with a damp cloth.