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Roland FA08 Workstation Synth

Roland FA08 Workstation Synth

Roland FA08 Workstation Synth


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Enjoy a streamlined device that provides seamless real-time power and super-quick workflow with this versatile Roland FA08 88-note music workstation keyboard. Designed to support virtually any genre of music, this 88-note weighted-action keyboard boasts the same huge sound collection as the INTEGRA-7 model, and it also offers lots of studio-quality effects that help you personalize your audio to your exacting specifications. Use the on-board sampling's zero-load time when you want instant audio playback from the keyboard's 16 backlit pads, which helps you further hone your signature sound.

This Roland 88-note music workstation keyboard features a simple-to-operate sequencer that lets you record non-stop loops, which makes it easy to capture ideas as you think of them. This also lets you export the sounds you create as multi-track data you can use with your DAW. Built for the flexibility of a standalone keyboard with the functionality of a computer music studio, this device features USB audio and MIDI interfacing for extra versatility in music creation.

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