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Roland MH28 8" 'PowerPly' Mesh Head

Roland MH28 8" 'PowerPly' Mesh Head

Roland MH28 8" 'PowerPly' Mesh Head

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The Roland MH28 8" 'PowerPly' Mesh Head is part of the new MH2 series and is one of nine mesh heads produced by REMO Inc. ranging from 8” to 22” that let you retrofit your acoustic drums for quiet practice.

Roland’s dual-ply mesh heads for V-Drums originally revolutionized the playability of electronic drums thanks to their adjustable tension, durability and natural playing feel.

When used with Roland’s RT-30 Acoustic Drum Triggers, PowerPly mesh heads can trigger a V-Drums module, enabling you to practice and experiment with various sounds while maintaining the looks and feel of your acoustic drum kit.

Single-ply mesh heads from other brands may need re-tightening and adjustment after a few days of playing. Roland’s PowerPly mesh heads don’t require constant retuning, so you can practice for longer with consistent rebound. If you are using PowerPly mesh heads with RT-30 Acoustic Drum Triggers, head tension is an important factor in accurate sensing and tracking of your drumming. The trigger response of PowerPly heads is more accurate, thanks to the dual-ply design and consistent tension. Roland’s bass drum dual-ply mesh heads also last twice as long as single-ply mesh heads made by other brands, so you can play hard without having to frequently replace the heads.