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Roland TM6 PRO Drum Trigger Module

Roland TM6 PRO Drum Trigger Module

Roland TM6 PRO Drum Trigger Module

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The Roland TM6PRO Drum Trigger Module features a total of 6 dual-trigger inputs and over 300 built in sounds to boost your creativity! You are also not limited to the built in samples, import your own WAV. files with an SD Card and expand your horizons. The TM-6 has a powerful built in sound editing engine allowing you to customize each sample's Attack, Decay, Release, and Pitch parameters. The 4-direct outputs are assignable to each sound or a combination making the TM-6 Pro the perfect companion for live shows. Recording the audio is easy, simply run a USB Cable from the TM-6's USB port and you have 8 individual inputs/outputs available to you.

500 Premium Sampled Sounds and On-board V-Drums Sounds:
The TM-6 Pro comes loaded with 500 sampled sounds from electronically processed tones, to acoustic elements. Aimed at the drummers who need to be versatile from gig to gig, you can easily access these sounds via the TM-6 Pro's intuitive interface. The natural and expressive V-Drums sounds have become widely known and used, you now have all of that in addition with the TM-6 Pro. Explore the hybrid side of drumming and expand your creativity.

Import Wav. Samples and Backing Tracks with Isolated Metronome:
The TM-6 Pro allows you to easily import Wav. files via an SD Card and triggering them with external drum triggers. You also have the ability to adjust and customize any sound to exactly how you want it with its on board sound editing engine. Importing backing tracks is just as easy, Simply export the backing track and click track separately and place them on an SD Card. When triggered, they will play in sync, routing the click track through the output of your choice. The TM-6 Pro will become your loyal companion on and behind the stage.

Flexible with computer-based music production software:
The TM-6 Pro goes further with 8-in/8-out(Max) channels of audio with a sampling rate of 44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz, plus MIDI in/out capability. Each audio in/out is assigned to the outputs of the TM-6 Proallowing you to record a signal coming in with your DAW or send a signal (Like a backing track) from your DAW through any of the outputs of the TM-6.