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Sonor Gavin Harrison 14x5inch Protean Standard Snare Drum

Sonor Gavin Harrison 14x5inch Protean Standard Snare Drum

Sonor Gavin Harrison 14x5inch Protean Standard Snare Drum

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Derringers Music are pleased to present the Sonor Gavin Harrison 14x5" Protean Standard Snare Drum in Black.

The Signature Snare is handcrafted in Germany are made from 6-ply, premium hand-selected Birch wood to make a thin 6mm shell.

Construction comprises a 6mm birch shell crafted from only six plies in Sonor's German workshop. The shell is thin and light, giving it a natural airiness that balances the short decay and punch of the rounded top bearing edge. While that gives the batter side a vintage crack, a modern 45-degree snare-side bearing edge resonates freely, adding clarity to the voice of the snare wires.
The timeless Silky Black finish is offset by white underlays between the chrome fittings and the shell.

Special hoop configuration with vintage-style lugs

Sonor balanced the edges with an S-Hoop on the top side and a special triple-flanged steel hoop on the snare side. Gavin wanted to up the density of the 6-ply birch shell, so he selected vintage-style Phonic lugs, whose hourglass configuration increases the body of the drum while relieving much of the tension.

The bottom hoop, with a modern triple-flanged design, is open to accommodate Sonor's Dual Glide strainer, which Gavin Harrison chose for his Signature Series snare drum. This allows you to quickly remove the snare wires, making it easy to tune the bottom head, but that's not the best part. 

Define your dampening with stackable rings

Just as the lower triple-flanged hoop provides you with a ton of flexibility on the snare side, the upper S-Hoop provides an added measure of versatility to the Gavin Harrison Protean Signature snare drum. That's because it comes with a set of three dampening rings, ranging from light to heavy. They fit perfectly within the S-Hoop, both individually and when used together, so you get a massive range of dampening options.

The Standard Edition includes the snare, a set of 3 dampening rings and 2 Protean tuning keys.

The Premium Edition additionally includes a unique Protean case, made by Hardcase UK. The case contains the “EQ” and “Spacer” snare wires, secured in a wooden box, separated from the drum itself.


  • Ultra-versatile snare drum that provides session drummers and live performers with a massive range of tone and expression
  • Lightweight 6-ply/6mm birch shell delivers complex high frequencies and a naturally scooped midrange for impressive impact
  • Hybrid bearing edges include a rounded batter-side edge for vintage punch and a modern 45-degree snare-side edge for clear snap and sustain
  • S-Hoop batter-side hoop provides the perfect space for the 3 stackable/interchangeable dampening rings for maximum dynamic control
  • Open triple-flanged bottom hoop provides easy access to the Dual Glide strainer so you can quickly remove the snare wires
  • Vintage-style hourglass-shaped Phonic lugs add mass and body to the shell

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