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Tama HC62W 60 Series Cymbal Stand

Tama HC62W 60 Series Cymbal Stand

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Tama HC62W 60 Series Cymbal Stand


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The HC62W 60 Series Cymbal Stand is a sturdy stand with plenty of flexibility. The cymbal can be set at virtually any angle, and the T-bolt at the die-cast joint has been combined with a pressure plate and nylon bushing to make it much easier to remove and replace a worn bolt or bushing.

The Quick-Set Tilter changes the angle of your cymbal with the friction of six smooth metal discs, rather than a toothed gear, so you can set it to precisely the right position.

Glide-Tite Grip Joints between the down tubes actually use metal-to-metal contact that is extremely solid and still won't rattle. These joints totally isolate the instrument on the stand, letting it resonate as much as it can.

The cymbal bottom is designed to protect the cymbal's centre hole from the tilter's shaft and threads, and it is reversible so that if part of the sleeve wears out you can simply turn it upside-down and keep using it.

The sturdy, double-braced legs have nylon washers in the leg stand joints to improve durability and make the leg action smoother.

This stand also comes equipped with a Quick-Set Cymbal Mate that lets you remove a cymbal with a single touch instead of spinning (and dropping) a wingnut. The cymbal sleeve is reversible - if the top gets worn down over time, simply flip it over and it's like new.