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Tama HS100W Star Series Snare Stand

Tama HS100W Star Series Snare Stand

Tama HS100W Star Series Snare Stand

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The Tama HS100W Star Series Snare Stand is designed for use with 12"-15" diameter snare drums and features a Cradle-Hold snare basket, a Glide-Tite grip joint, True-Sound insulation mute, omni-ball tilter, double-braced legs, and spikes inside the stand's rubber feet that can be retracted or shown with the turn of a drum key.

The redesigned snare basket offers a number of advantages over conventional snare stands. The stand allows you to lower the snare drum stand lower than normal. The arm length is easily adjusted by loosening the wing nut. The claws of the basket have minimal contact with the drum, which increases the resonance and the response of the drum.

The redesigned pipe joint system allows for more secure attachment by way of a metal-to-metal contact point, providing a very solid anchor for the drum. Since the stand does not move with the instrument, the natural resonance of the instrument is maximised. The stand's tube has a nylon insert, resulting in a smooth height adjustment that prevents scratches on the pipe when adjusting the stand's height.