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Tama HS40LOW Stage Master Series Snare Stand

Tama HS40LOW Stage Master Series Snare Stand

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Tama HS40LOW Stage Master Series Snare Stand


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The Tama HS40LOW Stage Master Series Snare Stand is suitable for drummers who prefer to set their snare drum at a lower position or use a deeper snare such as an 8" depth model.

This stand is specially designed with "Low-Position Basket" construction, which allows for comfortable use at a lower setting or with a deeper drum. The lower setting is also useful for children and convenient for setting a tom-tom at a lower position beside the bass drum. The HS40LOW snare stand features a new snare basket which allows the snare drum to be positioned 100mm lower than the HS40W stand.

The HS40LOW's Universal Gearless Tilter allows for secure adjustment of the snare to any desired angle. This tilter securely holds the snare basket in position using metal-plate friction instead of traditional gears, and allows you to adjust the basket to any angle you desire.

A 25.4mm diameter lower pipe together with a double-braced tripod base provides both high stability and a lightweight stand that is easy to carry.

Escape claws at the ends of each arm have a small chamber of air between the metal and the rubber. This design choice helps increase the drum's resonance.