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Tama ST085M MiniTymp Snare Drum 8"x5"

Tama ST085M MiniTymp Snare Drum 8"x5"

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Tama ST085M MiniTymp Snare Drum 8"x5"


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The Tama ST085M Mini-Tymp Snare Drum 8"x5" is a unique single headed drum, featuring a half set of snare wires that rest against the batter head.

This Mini-Tymp Snare Drum is ideal for mounting onto cymbal stands and offering drummers further expansion to their sonic palette.
You can adjust the snare sound by tuning the round knob, which acts as a strainer. If you completely loosen the snares from the head of the drum, you can play it like a mini timbale.

The Tama mini Tymp snare drum is equipped on one side with a striking head featuring an adjustable half-length snare. The shell consists of 1.2mm thick steel and the hoop is triple-flanged offering optimal tuning and robustness.

Included with every Mini-Tymp Snare drum is an MC69 single tom adapter, for easy mounting on any kit. This practical Omni ball clamp with mount for the cymbal stand the mini Tymp snares is easy to position and moves freely.