We a big fans of the Taylor guitar brand. Bob Taylor and his team of passionate innovators have never stopped refining their brand that sets the standard for a modern Acoustic/Electric guitar. Features like their unique and superb neck/body join, the Expression pickup system, and more recently, the genius redesign of the traditional piezo pickup, along with their ever-present commitment to a sustainable and efficient approach to both wood selection and state of the art manufacturing make them a logical choice for the most discerning of modern guitar players. Taylor guitars are equally at home whether in the studio or stage and their impressive lineup of models ensures they have the perfect “fit” for everyone. Here at Derringers Music you’ll find a large selection. Our most popular models include the GS Mini and the 2 and 3 series guitars, all of which offer fantastic value for money. The 814CE is one of their premium models which sums up the Taylor philosophy in one model and has recently been treated to a host of refinements by Andy Powers to make it one truly incredible instrument. Our knowledgeable staff have hosted Taylor roadshows and some have even visited the factories in both El Cahon, Southern California and the nearby factory in Mexico first hand and have a great understanding of both the brand and the man behind the brand. <br><br> Derringers always have an impressive range of Taylor on hand and if we don’t have it, we can order it. Do yourself a favor and try one today…you’ll be hooked in no time! Come and see our friendly staff today! We would love to help you find your perfect guitar, with hundreds and hundreds of guitars on display at both of our locations. SMS 0418-836-504 For deals on Fender guitars and Fender Amplifiers, done fast!  Or call 08 8371-1884 and speak to our guitar loving team!