TC Electronic Polytune Polyphonic & Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner

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TC Electronic Polytune Polyphonic & Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner

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TC Electronic Polytune Polyphonic & Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner - Description

TC Electronic Polytune Polyphonic & Chromatic Guitar & Bass Tuner


Tune All of Your Strings at Once!
Polytune by TC Electronic goes leaps and bounds beyond the limits of traditional tuners to offer serious guitarists and bass players a faster and more efficient method of tuning. Now you can spend less time tuning and more time playing. Polytune uses poly-chromatic tuning, an updated tuning technology that breaks down strummed notes into the notes of each individual string. That means that the Polytune lets you strum your guitar and tune all of your strings at once, instead of tuning one string at a time. And there's no need to install split pickups or extra hardware — just plug in, stomp down, strum, tune, and let Polytune make your life easier.

TC Electronic's Polytune has all of the features you want and a wish-list worth of extras. A huge LED display armed with an ambient light sensor stays bright enough to see even in daylight or the glaring lights of the stage. In addition to poly-chromatic mode, the TC Electronic Polytune has two different hyper-accurate chromatic modes that let you hone in to within .5 cents of your target tuning. Needle mode gives you an LED version of a traditional analog tuner with a sweeping needle, while Stream mode has a text readout and a rotary indicator to help with the finest tuning.
Because both chromatic modes are remarkably sensitive and responsive, TC Electronic includes the Tuning Magnet feature to slow down the display as you hone in on your note. And another function call MonoPoly lets the Polytune recognize if you're playing one or more strings and switch tuning modes between poly-chromatic and regular chromatic instantly. That means you can strum to quickly tune all of your strings close to their target notes, and then play individual strings for fine tuning. And no matter if you play guitar or bass, or if you tune to standard E to E or any custom tuning of your choice, Polytune can handle it and will save all of your custom settings, from tuning preferences to reference note adjustment.

TC Electronics Polytune Poly-chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal Features at a Glance:
•Simply strum all of the strings on your guitar or bass to tune
•Tune faster and start playing
•Equally effective for guitar and bass
•Set to your reference pitch from 435Hz to 445Hz
•Allows dropped tunings from E-flat down to B with an accuracy of just +/- 1 cent
•Two separate chromatic tuning modes: Needle mode and Stream mode
•Tuning Magnet slows down the needle close to the correct pitch
•MonoPoly recognizes if you play one or more strings and switches between poly- or monophonic tuning
•Stores your preferences even after being powered down
•Ambient light sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the LEDs

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